Italians by river

Down by the River…

I am something of a newcomer to the black art of terrain making. Like a lot of people I relied on my friendly local gaming store to provide appropriate terrain and tables to game upon until rather recently. It has now sunk its rather insidious teeth into my soul however, and I probably spend more […]

A home-grown campaign system for Bolt Action. How's it going? Read on, and find out...

Bolt Action Campaign Testing – Round 1

Over the last few months I have been putting together a campaign system for Bolt Action. It started out as a 1v1 system inspired by the official campaign system for Chain of Command, but has since changed and expanded a great deal. In its current version it is a many v many, map based campaign […]

Andrew reviews the new book for Bolt Action, Battleground Europe...

The New Bolt Action Book – Battleground Europe

So the latest Bolt Action book is out. It was available from our friendly local gaming store, but supplies have been rather severely reduced. As I am one of the reducers I thought I’d offer a consolation prize, in the form of a review, to those who I trampled underfoot on my way to the […]

Some of my 28mm British figures (Warlord and Artizan) next to my Tamiya 1/48 Sherman "Bury".

A Matter of Scale (in Bolt Action)

1/48 or 1/56, that is the question or, for those with less knowledge of Shakespeare than myself (difficult – my ignorance of the Bard is profound), what vehicle scale is right for Bolt Action? My first introduction to this question came back when Bolt Action first appeared at our friendly local gaming store. I bought […]