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Plastic Soldier Company Tanks

Open Fire Sherman

One of my Open Fire Shermans. I’ve done my best with it and it’s come out OK by my standards (I am not a painting ace).

When I first started in Flames of War I went with the traditional approach and split the Open Fire box from Battlefront with a friend. As I’m something of a fan of the British and Commonwealth forces in WW2 I took the Shermans.

I rapidly discovered why the Battlefront plastic Shermans do not have the greatest reputation in the world. The detail was not impressive, and the work needed to plug gaps reminded me of the time I made a Forgeworld model in the middle of an Australian summer. For the record, 44°C temperatures do not mesh well with most resin models.

PSC Sherman

One of my PSC Shermans. I am much happier with this one.

So I turned to The Plastic Soldier Company. Once I got my eager paws on some of their 15mm Cromwells I was mightily impressed. The detail on the models was clear and crisp, the supply of extra parts was quite generous and the gaps were basically non-existant. Also you get 5 tanks for the price you’d get 3 resin tanks for.

I have since bought PSC Shermans, Stuarts and Churchills. All of these kits have been great. In fact the Stuarts were so well stocked with extra bits that I was able to make both a Stuart and a Stuart jalopy from each sprue. 10 tanks for the price of 5 is amazing – though I admit that I stole the idea from here.

The PSC kits do take longer to put together than resin tanks, and honestly the tracks can be a pain to deal with (though nothing like the 1/48 tanks I’ve made), but for the advantages these kits have…

I honestly can’t recommend PSC 15mm tanks enough. They are conveniently found at our Friendly Local Gaming Store too. Buy some. Now!

** Disclaimer: I get paid nothing for reviews by either PSC or our local store – though if wishing made it so… **

This Sherman is pink. Pink I tell you!

Whilst the questionable plastic colour of this 76mm Sherman makes it look like an escapee from the Mardi Gras, a little paint will take care of that. I am tempted to leave one as is for shock value though.

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