What happens when a Bolt Action newbie has a crack at making a list. With photos and everything!

Late War US Marines

The Pacific Theatre of WW2 is often sadly neglected in wargaming circles, possibly due to the lack of the armoured support that so many gamers find alluring.

With this in mind I’ve created a US Marine platoon in the Pacific for my first Bolt Action force. The list is sourced from the Armies of the United States supplement. For people starting out on the Bolt Action journey, this is about the size you’d expect for a mostly veteran force – I’ve struggled to fit everything in and have had to leave out a couple of special weapon teams and a medic that I would have liked to have included.

I don’t play games for sheep stations so this list has been designed as a way to squeeze the figures I had into a 1000pt force with a least a bit of fluff. I’ve included an inexperienced tank crew with the Veterans – these lads have arrived recently in the PTO only to see a lot of destroyed tanks on the beach (with some from their own unit).

The list is as follows:

  • 1 Second Lieutenant (Veteran) with two extra men (Veterans) @ 79pts
  • 2 Mid/Late US Marine Squads (Veteran) with 10 men each and 3 x BAR @ 135pts each
  • 1 Mid/Late US Marine Squad (Veteran) with 10 men and 1 x BAR @ 125pts
  • 1 Forward Observer (Air, Veteran) @ 90pts (I need a better model, though I’ve never gotten around to finding one.)
  • 1 Machinegun Team (Veteran) @ 65pts
  • 1 Medium Mortar Team (Veteran) @ 65pts
  • 1 Bazooka Team (Veteran) @ 78pts
  • 1 Flamethrower Team (Veteran) @ 65pts
  • M4A1/2 Sherman (Inexperienced) with “Easily Catches Fire” rule removed (I’m assuming wet stowage or similar) @ 166pts

Total platoon cost: 1003pts

It’s a smidge over 1000pts. If I needed to, I could remove one of the 2nd Lieutenant’s bodyguards to bring the points down to 1996pts, or drop one of the BARs in the first or second squad to take the cost to 1998pts. Either way, its a minor thing.

Models are mostly 1st Corps with some extra bits from various other manufacturers (I thought some bits were from West Wind but now I’m not so sure…). The tank is a Hobby Boss 1:48 scale kit, and the Corsair is a Tamiya 1:48 scale model (which was a lot of fun to build, and less expensive than I would have thought).

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