De Bellis Antiquitatis in 28mm. Who'd have thought? But it seems this little game is taking off at Historical Gaming in a big way.

DBA in Penrith – The State of Play

It’s been going on for a while now – that small group of gamers somewhere in the corner of the store playing DBA. For the members of the Western Sydney DBA & HoTT Facebook group this is no secret, as pictures have been posted ad nauseum (I’ll minimise the Roman and Gaul posts, I promise!). The games have been tense and rewarding. Armies are under production. And 3×3′ sections of the Ancient world are on fire.

We love it.

So how is DBA being played at Historical Gaming? Not exclusively in 28mm, that’s for certain,  though the vast majority of armies are looking to be at that scale. There are a fair number of 15mm armies floating about as well. We’re also using DBA 3.0 (soon to be released in print with shiny new army lists) and generally playing our games on the minimum sized boards (2×2′ for 15mm and 3×3′ for 28mm).

We also plan to play later periods (Rennaissance and after) using the Humberside Extensions for 1500-1900 (DBA-HX). However, these will need some modification as the current version was written for DBA 1.1. Stay tuned…



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  1. So, what do you need to play DBA?
    How big your army must be?
    Where do we get the rule book?

    I have started 28mm Romans.
    and If you could, I would like to organise a demonstration game to have a go at it.

  2. We normally play DBA at club meetings and most Wednesdays (though we’ve been having a break due to Bill being away on the other side of the world).

    Just look for us at the next meeting. We’d be glad to show you the ropes and/or talk you through how a game runs.

    You need an army based specifically for DBA (like the ones in the pictures above) that consists of 12 elements (bases). If you grab a rulebook it’d be handy too – many of us have grabbed our copy from our local distributor, Olympian Games in Canberra ( – they still say it’s for pre-order but they’ve already arrived 😉 ).

    I plan to write an article about the Early Imperial Romans in DBA as an example of an army. That’ll give you a fairly good idea on what is required. Of course, if you are building a different Roman army (like Polybians, Marians, Middle Empire or Late Empire) the composition will vary considerably.

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