A guide to list building in Bolt Action, using the late war British army as an example.

A British Late War List for Bolt Action

List making is something of an art form in many rules systems, and I have to admit that it’s not my strength. Still, in our group I probably have the most experience with Bolt Action and particularly in playing BA at tournaments and events. Of course I don’t exactly tear up the rankings in most […]


Wednesday DBA

There is a group of like minded folks who play DBA on a Wednesday in Penrith. The DBA-HX extensions to for playing DBA until circa AD1900 are welcomed for those who are interested. Bring your armies and challenge the regulars. All welcome. Scale is generally 28mm on 3×3′ board. Location Hall of Heroes Penrith, Suites […]

What happens when a Bolt Action newbie has a crack at making a list. With photos and everything!

Late War US Marines

The Pacific Theatre of WW2 is often sadly neglected in wargaming circles, possibly due to the lack of the armoured support that so many gamers find alluring. With this in mind I’ve created a US Marine platoon in the Pacific for my first Bolt Action force. The list is sourced from the Armies of the […]

Andrew quickly reviews the Plastic Soldier Company allied tank range...

Plastic Soldier Company Tanks

When I first started in Flames of War I went with the traditional approach and split the Open Fire box from Battlefront with a friend. As I’m something of a fan of the British and Commonwealth forces in WW2 I took the Shermans. I rapidly discovered why the Battlefront plastic Shermans do not have the […]

15mm Shermans advance up a road.

World War II – Where We Are Now

World War II has long been a mainstay of wargaming and is a personal favourite of mine. There are a huge number of systems out there for WW2 and a bewildering range of manufacturers to get models from in a wide range of scales. We have quite a few players who are in to this […]


Penrith Meetings

Historical Gaming meets at least once a month at the Hall of Heroes Penrith. There is no restriction as to what historical period or rules you wish to play, but you may want to organise an opponent in advance if you’re bringing something that we don’t regularly play. We kick off from a bit after […]

De Bellis Antiquitatis in 28mm. Who'd have thought? But it seems this little game is taking off at Historical Gaming in a big way.

DBA in Penrith – The State of Play

It’s been going on for a while now – that small group of gamers somewhere in the corner of the store playing DBA. For the members of the Western Sydney DBA & HoTT Facebook group this is no secret, as pictures have been posted ad nauseum (I’ll minimise the Roman and Gaul posts, I promise!). […]